Home Impactor_TestequipmentUniversal Impact Test System (UPA)

Ejection Mitigation:

  • FMVSS 226 - final rule
  • customer specific

Body block:

  • ECE-R12
  • FMVSS 203
  • GB11557

Linear Impactor:

  • ECE-R12
  • FMVSS 203
  • GB 11557

Test configurations of active pedestrian protection objects:

  • different customer specific impactors can be used with:
    • max. mass  = 18,5 kg
      max. speed = 40 km/h
    • max. mass  = 13,5 kg
      max. speed = 55 km/h

Advanced Speed Control (ASC):

In addition to the nitrogen driven launcher, an electric/electronic control, Advanced Speed Control - ASC (up to 80 control loops during the launch process) is used to achieve maximum accuracy in an economical and safe operating mode and guarantees reaching the target velocity "first shot right" with a minimum tolerance of ± 0.2 km/h.
This means that preliminary tests to determinate speed no longer need to be carried out.

Gravity and Angle Compensation:

The test facility automatically performs gravity and angle compensation for free flying impactor objects and therefore guarantees maximum accuracy.

No hydraulics, so low maintenance costs & low downtime:

Hydraulic systems have the disadvantage of higher maintenance costs and longer downtime due to time consuming maintenance. Over their lifetime many hydraulic systems tend to leak oil and perform with reduced accuracy.

No hydraulics, so fast change of different launchers:

Changing a launcher on a hydraulic system requires detaching the hydraulic lines. This causes a leak of hydraulic oil from the lines, and air must subsequently be bled out of the lines in order to be ready for operation. It takes 2 people around 3 to 4 man hours. The exchange of different launchers with a pneumatic system on the other hand takes less than 30 minutes.

User interface and data analysis:

MICROSYS SureFire Software will be used as a uniform user interface and for data analysis.
SureFire controls common test platform for test systems for Microsys Impactor and Airbag tests so that the training requirement for technical testers is clearly reduced. PowerPlay software is integrated in the SureFire System, which as a proven software tool can be used for data analysis and data management and post-processing of test data (such as videos, images, …) and for the automatic creation of test reports. DIADEM can also be included as an option. SureFire can be optionally enhanced to control camera and light technology, data capture and security systems (e.g. security doors, etc…).

Wireless remote control:

The large display and programmable controls on the wireless remote control provide for a user friendly and simple service of the test system. Trapping remote control cables in doors and hatches is therefore no longer a problem.

Vehicle coordinates mode:

The test system supports 2 different coordinate systems:
  • the test system coordinate system
  • the vehicle coordinate system
The vehicle coordinate system can be taught via only 3 known reference points on the test object.

During the process of moving the test system, the coordinates of the test position are recorded simultaneously and are displayed on the wireless remote control display.
Once a certain system position has been defined, it can be saved and up to the last 10 saved configurations can be automatically recalled.

up to 16 bar
approx. 8.800 kg (excluding launchers)
approx. 5  kW
3-phase (3x400V / 40A - adapted on a country specific basis)

< 1% (to customer requirements up to: ± 0.2 km/h)
± 0.036 km/h  

approx. 5.200 mm
approx. 3.725 mm
approx. 3.870 mm

2.100 mm / accuracy < 0,1 mm
4.000 mm / accuracy < 0,1 mm
2.200 mm / accuracy < 0,1 mm

350° < ± 0.1 °

± 5mm

all axles swivel completely